The Impact of Charity

Every year I help plan a pool party for children that are living in a homeless shelter in Trenton NJ. This takes my understanding of where it goes to a whole new level. To think of a beautiful little girl sitting in a big chair by the pool, shivering, and then she gets wrapped up in a big pink beach towel.

“Sweet heart let me wrap you up, would you like to keep this towel?” I say, “To keep, to have my own pink towel?” she then begins to cry, “What’s wrong honey?” , she says “I never had my own towel, you are such a nice lady.” Organizing for the most part is helping clients donate, toss, recycle, so to see it from the eyes of a child who has no towel of her own, well, needless to say, helps keep things in prospective. Donations are important, whether it’s your time, money or, items, just be thankful.

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