Fall decorating with the boys today!

What decorations does your family look forward to putting up?

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Veggie chili for my Thursday client.

What does everyone prefer hot or mild?

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Beautiful Fall Decorating Ideas

I love these two trends – unique usage of flowers and acorns!

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A New Website to Check Out!

Recently, I’ve helped my friend start up a new website. After having a baby, another friend of mine was looking to start one, and I brainstormed a few name ideas for her. However, an idea for another friend came to mind, so I told her my idea. Surprisingly, just an hour later, her website was up! A great example of initiative! Check out the site here!

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How to control your clutter…

I’ve recently stumbled upon a great article outlining a step-by-step method to attack your clutter problem. Aby Garvey suggests the following 5 steps:

“1. Acknowledge that habits are the key ingredient to staying organized.

2. Pick one habit to change.

3. Get support.

4. Create a list of compelling reasons to change.

5. Decide up front to stay the course.”

To read more about her methods, you can find the article here. I highly suggest looking into it – she has some great ideas!

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Back-To-School Ideas

It’s that time of year again when we all get ready to send our kids back to school! It can surely be a bit stressful with everything going on, but here are some great ways to get the school year started on a good note.

1. Managing your meals. During the school year, having good family meals can be tough. Everyone is on the run trying to get somewhere or do something, not to mention the fact that healthy meals are becoming expensive luxuries. However, with this guide from Cooking Light’s own Robin Bashinsky, your family can enjoy 5 healthy meals for just $50 spent at the grocery store! If you are interested, check it out here!

2. Set them up for success! With the school year, of course, comes homework. A great way to make sure your kids get their work done is to organize and designate a space where they can be free from distractions and focus on the task at hand. If anyone is interested in this, give me a call! And I suggest taking a look at some of the ideas here if you need some inspiration!

 3. RELAX! It’s so easy to get caught up in the stress of returning to the school routine, so it might be beneficial to plan a back-to-school bash. It doesn’t have to be much more than a get-together with friends – there is no need to add on more stress! A simple gathering can help to take your mind off  the stress and make a busy time more enjoyable for everyone. For ideas, check out this article.

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Photos To Come Soon!

Now that my web assistant is back, you can expect to see updates here on the site. Particularly, photos of recent work, testimonials, etc. Also, remember for the most current news, you can check my Facebook page:


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The Impact of Charity

Every year I help plan a pool party for children that are living in a homeless shelter in Trenton NJ. This takes my understanding of where it goes to a whole new level. To think of a beautiful little girl sitting in a big chair by the pool, shivering, and then she gets wrapped up in a big pink beach towel.

“Sweet heart let me wrap you up, would you like to keep this towel?” I say, “To keep, to have my own pink towel?” she then begins to cry, “What’s wrong honey?” , she says “I never had my own towel, you are such a nice lady.” Organizing for the most part is helping clients donate, toss, recycle, so to see it from the eyes of a child who has no towel of her own, well, needless to say, helps keep things in prospective. Donations are important, whether it’s your time, money or, items, just be thankful.

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Baby Service

Helping plan for baby’s arrival, assist in shopping for the best crib, bottles, car seats. When baby arrives I offer night nurse services, along with helping your baby stick to a schedule.

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More Than Just Organization

Rose Knows Where it Goes had a wonderful experience this week organizing a basement with 3 amazing boys. The pride they felt at the end was heart warming. One little man donated so much, and even said, “I like this Batman Castle, but I bet another little boy would like to have it. Maybe his Mommy does not have enough money to buy one.” The other 2 younger boys worked hard together as a great team donating books, toys, etc. The eldest also helped put the air hockey table together, along with organizing toys for donation and more. Watching 3 brothers displaying such teamwork was priceless. This is a great additional service I offer – anyone interested in this let me know!

To see the photos of the basement, visit the Photo Gallery page and look at the Basement Transformation rotator!

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